Dive Safaris with in and around Dahab with Dahab Divers Lodge

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Dahab is probably the only place in the world where you can combine a camel safari with diving.
We offer this unique experience as a day trip to two different locations in the North or South of Dahab. If you are interested in an overnight trip with two days diving we can certainly arrange this for you:


Camel Dive Safari to Ras Abu Gallum

For this special dive safari we will take you to some remote and pristine divesites located on the Northern coast of Dahab. We will meet in the dive center at 6 am, pack up all equipment needed for the dive safari, load it on a pick up and by 6:30 am our Jeep will take us to the Blue Hole in the North of Dahab. There we meet our Bedouin guides and camels, pack all the gear onto the camels and start into an adventurous day of desert and diving. We will ride along the northern coast with the beautiful Sinai mountains to the left and the Gulf of Aqaba with a fantastic view to Saudi Arabia to the right. After about an hour we will arrive in Ras Abu Gallum, which is a small Bedouin settlement with simple huts and lovely views. We unload the camels, will be welcomed with some Bedouin tea and then set up equipment for our first dive in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. After finishing the first dive we will relax in the shade of our hut and enjoy some real Bedouin food and certainly more tea. You can have a nap, stroll along the beautiful sandy beach or check out the fish book for all the marine life you have just seen. After a decent surface interval we will get ready for the second dive. There will be some more time to chill out and have another tea before we start packing up again, get the gear back on the camels and start our ride back to the Blue Hole, where we will arrive before sunset. The cars will be waiting for us already to take us to Dahab Divers Lodge after an unforgettable dive and desert experience.


Camel dive safari to Gabr el Bint:

We start the day early at 6 am to load the equipment onto the pick up and then the cars will take us to the southernmost point of Dahab, where the road ends and our camels and Bedouin guides will be waiting for us. We pack up the camels and start riding South for about an hour, enjoying the scenery in the early morning light with the Sinai mountains to the right and the Gulf of Aqaba to the left. As soon as we arrive in Gabr el Bint we will unload the camels and start gearing up to plunge into the crystal clear waters and explore the fantastic reef with plenty of huge fan corals and all the marine life the Red Sea has to offer. Upon finishing the dive the Bedouins will have prepared lunch on the campfire for us and while chatting about what we spotted during the dive we have some great Bedouin food. There will be ample time to relax and have tea before we start our second dive.
After another amazing dive we will slowly pack up the gear again and start riding back to meet our drivers who will take us back to Dahab Divers Lodge.


Boat Safari to Gabr el Bint

If you choose to enjoy a relaxed day on the boat, with a minimum of four participants, we arrange day trips to the stunning dive sites around Gabr el Bent.
We meet at 7 am in Dahab Divers Lodge, get all the gear on a pick up and drive to the Dahab jetty. After all the tanks and equipment are on the boat it will take about an hour to reach Gabr el Bint in the South of Dahab. Just relax and enjoy the sun and the view onto the shoreline passing by all the southern dive sites of Dahab. You can also hang out in the cozy dry area, take a nap or read a book or just chat along with your fellow divers.
Enjoy a boat day with two or three dives in the most beautiful and pristine coral reefs Dahab has in store for you. The boat will be back in Dahab before sunset and the cars will be waiting for you already to take you back to Dahab Divers Lodge with some awesome dives logged in your logbook.